FIP Case Studies and Treatments

Advantages of the Parent Nucleoside GS-441524 over Remdesivir for Covid-19 Treatment  (Professor Florian L. Muller, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, June 2020)

Dr. Pedersen's FAQs About Using GS  ( Dr Niels Pedersen, UC Davis, January 2020)

FIP Treatment  (Dr Niels Pedersen, UC Davis, June 2019) 

How to administrator anti-viral drugs by subcutaneous injection (video,Dr Niels Pedersen, UC Davis, May 2019)

Neurological and ocular FIP (Dr Niels Pedersen, UC Davis, April 2019)

Updates on Feline Infectious Peritonitis, May 2014: two recent articles (pdf formatted page with links) (Two reviews of FIP literature from 2009-2014, Virology and immunopathogenesis; Diagnostics and therapeutics)

FIP Synopsis (pdf file, A review of FIP literature 1963-2008 )

The Current Supply Situation of  GS-441524 and GC376

Personal statement on GS-441524  (Dr Niels Pedersen, UC Davis, August 2019)

Black-market production and sale of GS-441524 and GC376  (Dr Niels Pedersen, UC Davis, June  2019)

FIP Fundraisers & Charities

Zen By Cat: Supports the research of Dr Niels Pedersen.Dr. Pedersen and others at UC Davis have made great strides in their research and have successfully cured 25 cats from FIP with GS441.

The Bria Fund: All donations go directly to Winn Feline Foundation’s Bria Fund. To date, the Bria Fund has sponsored 24 studies leading to progress made in all aspects of FIP including treatment. 

Sock It To FIP: is an organization dedicated to disseminating information about this deadly feline disease, and raising money to support research to combat this disease. . Please support the researchers at the U.C. Davis Center for Companion Animal Health (CCAH) by sending a donation for FIP research.

Support F.I.P. Research: Help support research of FIP by raising awareness and funds.   It was created with the purpose of promoting knowledge amongst cat lovers, breeders and rescuers. It is a place where people can come to learn latest news on FIP prevention and most importantly progress in the goal of eradicating FCoV the virus that causes FIP. This website also exist to promote fundraising for studies conducted at Glasgow University Veterinary School.

FIP Care & Support Groups

FIP Warriors Facebook group for owners who have treated with, are currently treating with, or are considering treating with GS441 or GC376.  There are hundreds of veterinarians in the group who can also assist in reviewing diagnostics, recommending supportive care and curing FIP with GS.

FIP Fighters is a comprehensive FIP support group dealing with all facets of diagnostics and treatment for FIP. By joining FIP Fighters, you have agreed not to hold admins responsible for your treatment choices. Note: FIP Fighters admins are volunteers and make no monies from referrals to any treatments.

FIP Advisory and Care Group  was created by dedicated people who have experienced first-hand the challenges of FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis).

FIP Fight Club In this community, people can talk about everything related to FIP. Kitty patients, vets, and people who are interested are welcome!

FIP Related Websites FIP Therapeutics/Clinical Trials Team at UC Davis-CCAH is responsible for conducting in-house trials of therapies for naturally occuring FIP. Follow Smokey, long term FIP survivor who was part of Dr Pedersen’s GC376 case study in 2016.  Keep up to date with new developments in FIP research, buy cool stuff & help end FIP, explore the House of Nekko, and watch awesome cat videos. Save Our Cats and Kittens from Feline Infectious Peritonitis (SOCK FIP) is a volunteer non profit organization dedicated to eliminating Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) through advocacy, community education and financial support for UC Davis-CCAH FIP Research.